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WELCOME TO LOTSOFKIDS.COM! A place where families with 4 or more children can find, friendship, fun, and support. We also welcome those who are thinking of having a large family,or who can't but love the philosophies of large families.
August 2013 - Finally moving on...  

If you have visited this site in the recent past, you have seen that the last time new content was added was in September of 2010. Since then I have had high-hopes to come back to the site and begin updates again. I now realize that is not going to happen anytime soon. That is not to say that I never will, but at this time in my life, between work and family obligations, I no long have the time to maintain Lotsofkids at the level I once did. I am now the sole breadwinner of our family, and we welcomed our 9th child a year ago. LOK required hundreds of hours of my time to maintain as I did it 95% by myself.

I would like to note that this decision is not just based solely on time-constraints, as I have had people suggest I just update it periodically. Though I am still a strong advocate of large families and the right for parents to chose how many children they have, running this site led to me being embroiled in significant internet drama where my name and character was smeared. It also resulted in death-threats to me and my children. While I continued to run the site for a couple years past that drama, eventually the stress took its toll on me and I needed to step back and walk away.

Nevertheless, I plan to continue to maintain the site. There is still an active forum community with lovely volunteers who run it. I highly urge anyone who would like to find support and friendship to check it out. The articles and features will remain available for reading and archival purposes.

Again, I am not saying the door is closed forever; LOK may spring to life again someday. Right now, though, I need to be honest and realistic and note that, for the meantime, it's on indefinite hiatus.

~ Michelle Lehmann a/k/a Mirz
September 23, 2010 - In this Issue...  

There's more than just new looks in this issue. Check out these brand goodies:

• New Math Drill utility in our Homeschool section. Quiz you child on a variety of math skill. • Double duty does double duty! We have updated our classic "Doing Double Duty" article, splitting it into 2 issues and adding more great double-use items and tips. Be sure to check out the Household version here and the Kitchen version here.

• One of our most popular areas of the site is our mealchart generator. Now we've made it even better. More great graphics to choose from and (by request) a new option to include snacks in your meal plan.

• Our brand new community! An extension of our popular forums, the community now gives our visitors more ways to connect meaningfully with other parents of large families (and those who simply love the idea of large families). • Plus, dozens of new polls and goodies throughout the site. We're still doing some work here and there finishing up our overhaul, so please be patient if you experience a broken link or not-found page. Everything else will be up and running soon!

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