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A Family Closet Pictorial

Mary/Sixducksinarow has been a longtime member of, having helped on staff, as well as contributing to several past articles. Faced with the laundry dilemma, she converted one of the rooms in her house into a full-fleged family closet. It is simply amazing, and shows how a bit of time and energy can have a bit payoff in convenience and time-savings.

Below are several pictures of the closet, including concise descriptions of the different areas of the room. When viewing the pictures, keep in mind that each dresser or tower of crates holds one category (such as pants). The youngest child uses the bottom drawer or crate, working upward to the oldest child or adult using the top. Family members share drawers or crates when possible.

If you have any questions about the closet, please visit our "Q&A" forum to talk to Mary about it there.

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Pictures by and Mary/Sixducksinarow
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Posted 13 days ago
How big is this room? DH and I have 5 kids and would love a family closet, but I'm not sure how much room we would need for one.
Posted 693 days ago
- There's a lot of soul in those eyes Angie and you captured it! If April is like so many other JRTs I know, she will live to be 18 or more! Great job!
Posted 731 days ago
Thanks for this! You helped inspire me to create my own family closet. I've blogged about it here:
Posted 761 days ago
I enjoy seeing these pictures of the family closet. My husband and I have 7 children and 1 on the way. We are working on organizing our family closet in the basement. For the most part, everything will be hung up, with the children going downstairs to get their clothes for the week and carry them directly to their hanging closet. Then once a week they will take turns taking their laundry down to wash and bring up the next weeks clothes. Everyone's system and family closet will be different and its important to really take the time to think through your needs and consruct something that willl work for you. This website is such an encouragement to me as I know I'm not alone in my struggle to creatively deal with the issues of our large family.
Posted 826 days ago
I wish I had a free room for this!!! :( This would be great!!!
Posted 1327 days ago
Wonderful! I love the idea of a family closet. I can't make it work in this house but we're moving soon and I hope to do it there. Great inspiration in this picture!
Posted 1346 days ago
If you are looking for milk crates and don't care if they match, go to a local restaurant and ask if you can pick up theirs. We own a restaurant and our food supplier won't pick up the milk crates (though they are supposed to take them and reuse them). So I try to find uses for them. But some get thrown away anyway :(. If you make it easy for the manager/owner I am sure they would oblige you. Ask which day they get a delivery and offer to pick the crates up before they get busy (or whatever time works for that particular restaurant). As I said, they won't match and some might be pretty banged up, but they would be free.
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