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Taking Your Own Portraits at Home
Any mother knows that having lots of pictures of your children is a must! Looking back over the photo albums, memories overflow. There are times in your child's life, particularly at certain times of the year, when you want more than a snapshot, you want a formal portrait. Problem is, even a session at the local Walmart studio can be pricey. When you have lots of kids, the sticker shock can be overwhelming! You can save by doing your own portraits. Despite what you think, it doesn't take a lot of money or expensive equipment. A decent 35 mm camera, or even your trusty digital camera, can produce quality portraits that will be cherished for years.

In my own search to learn just how to take a good portrait, I came across dozens and dozens of articles and features. Talk about information overload! However, taking the time to sort through them, I managed to locate a handful of wonderful articles that will give you a good start on being your own professional family photographer.

How to Take Great Digital Pictures - A short but informative article on how to take great digital pictures. Gives information on camera settings, lighting, and composition. The user comments are helpful as well.

Digital Photography Help & Tips - 25 detailed tips for helping you take great digital photographs. This article really gives a lot of good information, and also does a lot of "thinking outside of the box" in considering unconventional methods that can produce great results. A must-read.

Shoot Your Own Child's Portrait - Even as parents we tend to forget that getting their picture taken is stressful for a child. This article gives some good information on how to work with your child to get the best shot possible.

Digital Focus: Take Great Portraits - A short article, but worth the read. Tips on getting the best pictures, as well as editing the background, and saving the digital images.

Shooting Your Own Holiday Portraits - A very detailed, in-depth article giving you valuable information on how to take great portraits from home. This article has numerous pictures to showing various lighting techniques, posing, and other elements to give your portraits a professional look. The author displays some home-done pictures of her daughter which are truly breathtaking.

Taking Better Portraits - This article gives general information on how to work with your subject in order to get the best portrait possible. Does not really cover the actual mechanics of picture-taking, but offers some helpful tips.

Do It Yourself Home Darkroom - Okay, you probably don't want to bother with developing your own pictures, must less setting up a dark room. But, if you find yourself with the aspirations of a true photographer, here's a great article that shows you how to create your own dark room!

Digital Cameras Made Easy - If you're like me, you may find yourself confused and overwhelmed with all the choices out there for digital cameras. What's a mega-pixel, and how does it affect my picture? What are the features I should look for when buying a camera? Is price always the best indication of quality? Why do professionals who make their living with a digital camera live by the credo "highest resolution, lowest compression."? This website offers the answers in a straightforward manner. Even if you are not in the market for a new camera, it's a good read to fully understand what you can do with your existing camera.

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