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Cutting Your Family's Hair at Home

One of the costs of any household is grooming. Be it purchasing haircare products or paying for that beard trim for dad. In particular, haircuts can be a costly endeavor. At $8 a pop at the cheap places (not counting that tip), getting 5 or 6 kids' hair done can cost a small fortune. A way to trim on the cost is to trim hair at home. Bangs and touchups can be done easily enough. But what if you want to do something more elaborate? A nice layered look, or something more drastic. Cutting hair at home is a great way to save money. Learning how to do it right is something that is not always that easy. In this article, we showcase some great sites and resources that will help you learn what to do, what you need to do it, and start saving money.

Katie Stiles on YouTube - First of a series of online videos on cutting hair. Scroll down on the sidebar and look at "Related Videos" to find other videos on cutting different styles.

Hairfinder - This is an awesome site that gives you tons of information on lots of styles and cuts, including pictures. This site is a "must bookmark". Be sure to check out their How to Cut Hair page featuring dozens of article on everything from head anatomy to individual styles.

Cut Your Own Hair - This article by the shows you how to do some simple cuts at home, including what the items you need and some advice on technique.

Haircut Kit - This short articles gives you advice about how to look good between haircuts.

WAHL Instructions and Tips - For those of you who use clippers to buzz your boy's (or girl's) hair, this section of the Wahl consumer site offers a ton of information, including detailed instructions and videos. Very nice.

Mormomchic - Great article on how to do a straight cut/trim and bangs. Lots of color pictures.

Hair Boutique - Another site full of pictures of hairstyles. Over 3000. Fun to look at, even if you can't find anything useful.

Just Hairstyles - Tons of pictures of just about every hairstyle you can dream of, in every length, formal, casual, curly, you name it. This site is great if you are looking for something new and don't know what you want, or are looking for ideas to experiment on the kids!!

Haircut Advice - This site is a bit trendy, but it does have a lot of good information about hairstyles and choices out there, as well as how-tos.

Kitchen Cosmetics - Okay, you got the hairstyle, but how about taking care of it. Haircare products can cost a fortune. This page from Thrifty Fun recipes for homemade hair and beauty products. Cost effective and fun.

There are lots of books available in the bookstore and online which can help you learn to cut hair. It may be a good investment to purchase one, since it will help you become a better barber, and save you money in the long run. You can also check eBay; I found quite a few listed there.

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Article by: Michelle Lehmann
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