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March 2006
LOK Maze Generator - Worksheet Version - One of our many online utilities developed to help make your homeschooling a little easier.

Mazes are a great way to teach kids various aspects of reasoning and math. They are also a fun activity and a neat way to pass the time on a rainy day!

We've modified our online maze generator utility so that it can generate worksheets you can print-out. It will even generate a help solution key for you or your student's reference.

There are a few keys you'll need to utilize in order to operate and print your maze:

Q = Solve the puzzle and create an solution key for you to print. Remember to print the maze first, before you generate a solution key.

X = Remove the header from the page, so that only the maze prints.

R = Generates another random maze using the default options.

O = Option screen where you can change of the size of the maze.

This program creates a ONE-TIME maze; it will not be saved. When you are happy with your maze, print the page, then generate the solution key and print that separate. Note, hitting the "back" key will not allow you to go back, so be sure you have what you need.

The generator will open in a new window, so you can switch back and forth if you need to refer to these instructions.

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Modified Maze Code by: James "Ravenswood" Lehmann
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