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Homeschool Utilities - You have enough to do in your classroom. Any time saved is time that can be devoted to instructing or doing other needed work. In this section, we offer a variety of generators, tools, and utilities that we hope will help you save time and make your school day a little easier. We plan to continue adding to this section, so be sure to check back again.
  • Handwriting Worksheet Generator - Programmed by the LOK tech guru (a/k/a Jiles/Ravenswood), this utility allows you to create printing and cursive worksheets in a variety of typefaces. You can also download the sheets for future use.

  • Online Maze Generator - This utility allows you to create and "solve" mazes online. Use as a fun activity for your children, or give them the ability to create mazes for themselves or others.

  • Maze Worksheet Generator - Mazes are fun, but also promote problem solving. Use this worksheet generator to create mazes of all sizes and difficulties. Plus, you can generate a solution key if your student gets stuck and can't find his/her way out!

  • Crossword Maker - Create crossword puzzles for just about everything. Use current spelling words, test your child's knowledge of your science unit, or just make one for fun! Print out the puzzle or fill it in online.

  • Word Search Creator - This powerful tool not only lets you generate word search puzzles, but lets you control the difficultly and layout of the puzzles generated. This is our most popular utility!

  • Word Mixer - This utility allows you to generate word scramble puzzles. List your words and the program will scramble the letters, creating a worksheet with heading, lines and all.

  • Sentence Mixer - This utility tests kids knowledge of the construction of a sentence. The words are scrambled and the kids have to put them in the right order. This utility is also helpful when teaching foreign languages, since their word order can be vastly different than English.

 Teacher's Tools
  • School Fonts - We have hand-picked over 80 fonts which we feel will be of use to you in your school. A large collection of printing and cursive fonts, as well as a variety of other fonts to use in school projects.

  • Homeschool Chorechart Maker - Everyone can benefit from having a schedule, students included. Seeing what has to be done and setting goals can help a child focus. We have created a series of simple but helpful utilities that allow teachers to generate weekly or timeless charts for their individual students and/or classroom. These charts also utilize the fun LOK smilies, so kids can have a graphical reference, which is particularly important for smaller children.

  • GPA Calculator - Your child's grade point average is what will determine his/her placement in high education. Whether your child is nearing college, or you simply would like to know your 2nd grader's GPA, this handy calculator can give you the information fast.

  • Days Between 2 Dates - This simple to use utility can calculate the number of days between 2 date. Use it to figure how many days are left in the school year, or find out how many days until the next Olympics!

  • Percentage Calculator - Figure out what a 15% tip would be on $82.38. Or do you need to know what percentage is 25 from 100? This calculator will help you and your students get the answer.

  • Math Flash Cards - This neat game tests kids in addition, subtraction and multiplication. Not only does it give you how many answers you got right, but it tests you on overall accuracy and speed. Even your older children may want to give it a whirl to see how fast they are!

  • Homeschool Math Drills - A simple but neat utility that lets you quiz your children on a variety of math skills. There's no timer on this one and you can immediately see how many the child has gotten right and wrong.

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Updated September 2010

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