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Homeschool Acronyms and Abbreviations

Here are a list of abbreviations which one might not be readily familiar with when visiting homeschool forums, chat rooms, and general webpages. Note that many of these phrases are generalized references. The list is meant to help you get an overall feel and understanding when visiting homeschooling sites and messages boards. This is not an endorsement for any or all of these curriculum, companies, etc. (For a list of general, non-homeschool specific acronyms, see this article.)

Note: Many of these acronyms are to particular curricumlum. Some are noted as such, but others are simply indicated by capitalization.

100EL = Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
ACE = Accelerated Christian Education
ACT = American College Test - standardized test for college entrance
ADD = Attention-Deficit Disorder
ADHD = Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
AFT = American Federation of Teachers
ANWOA = A New World of Adventure
AO = Alpha Omega - Christian curriculum publisher
AOL = America On Line
ASL = American Sign Language
ATTA = All Through the Ages
ATAW = A Trip Around the World
ATIA = Advanced Training Institute -Bill Gothard
AWOA = A World of Adventure
B4FIAR = Before Five In a Row - preschool curriculum
BBOB = Big Book of Books
BBOP = Big Book of Projects
BFIAR = Beyond Five-in-a-Row - upper elementary curriclum
BJ, BJU, BJUP = Bob Jones University Press
BF = Beautiful Feet - Christian curriculum publisher
BITM = Blessed is the Man
BTS = Building Thinking Skills
CBD = Christian Book Distributors - mail-order book retailer
CCC = Christ Centered Curriculum
CGC = Considering God's Creation - Christian science curriculum
CIS = Compuserve Information Service - Compuserve online service
CLE = Christian Light Education
CLP = Christian Liberty Press - a Christian curriculum publisher
CM = Charlotte Mason - 19th-century British educator and her theories
CPM = College Preparatory Materials
CS = Christian School
CSBM Come Sit By Me
DG = Daily Grams
EA = Exploring America
EEaH = Early Education At Home
EFTTC = English for the Thouhtful Child - elementary grammar text
EG = Easy Grammar
ETC = Explode the Code - series of phonics workbooks
FAR = Far Above Rubies - Christian high school unit study curriculum for girls
FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
FIAR = Five In A Row - lower elementary curriculum
FIIR = For Instruction In Righteousness
FLL = First Language Lessons
FUFI = Further Up and Further In - Narnia study
GCB = Great Christian Books
GSA = Great Science Adventures
GTG = Galloping the Globe
GWS = Growing Without Schooling - homeschooling magazine
HBJ = Harcourt, Brace & Javonovich - curriculum publisher
HEM = Home Education Magazine
HM = Houghton Mifflin - a secular curriculum publisher
HMSC = "home school" or "home schooling"
HMSCer = "home schooler"
HOP = Hooked on Phonics
HOW = Heart of Wisdom
HS = homeschool, also "high school"
HSing = homeschooling
HSer = homeschooler
HSLDA = Home School Legal Defense Association
HWT = Handwriting Without Tears
IBLP = Institute Biblical Life PrinciplesBill Gothard
IEP = Individualized Education Plan
IEW = Institute for Excellence in Writing
ILL = Intermediate Language Lessons
IRA = International Reading Association
ISP = Independent Study Program
ITBS = Iowa Test of Basic Skills - standardized test for schoolchildren
KAH = Training our Daughters to be Keepers At Home
KOTF = Keepers of the Faith
LA = Learning Adventures
LD = learning disabled
LDS = Latter Day Saints - Mormons
LFBC = Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum LGTW = Learning Grammar Through Writing
LIA = Life in America
LLATL, LLAL = Learning Language Arts Through Literature - language arts curriculum
LMS = Listen My Son - Christian unit study curriculum
LOL = Lifestyle of Learning - free monthly newsletter
MCP = Modern Curriculum Press - secular curriculum publisher
MME = Math Made Easy
MFW = My Father's World
MkMM (sometimes MMM)= Making Math Meaningful - commercial mathematics curriculum
MMdM (sometimes MMM)= Math Made Meaningful - commercial mathematics curriculum
MUS = Math-U-See - commercial mathematics curriculum
MOH = Mystery of History
MOTH = Managers of Their Homes
MWM = Moving With Math
NAEP = National Assessment of Education Progress - testing program conducted for the federal government
NCTE = National Council of Teachers of English
NCTM = National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NHEN = National Home Education Network
NEA = National Education Association
NL = Newsletter
OBE = outcome based education
PLL = Primary Language Lessons
PP = Prairie Primer - unit-study curriculum based on the Little House books
PS = public school
PSS = public school system
Q&A = question and answer
RGAA = Remembering Gods Awesome Acts
RGCC = Remembereing Gods Chosen Children
RME = Reading Made Easy
RR = Reading Reflex
R&S = Rod & Staff - Christian curriculum publisher
SAT = Scholastic Aptitude Test
Saxon = Saxon Publishers
SE = Simply English
SG = Simply Grammar
SL = Sonlight
SN= Simply Numbers
SOS = Switched on Schoolhouse from A/O Alpha Omega
SOT = School of Tomorrow
SOTW = Story of the World
SOW = Student of the Word
SP = Simply Phonics
SSRW = Sing Spell Read & Write
SWB = Susan Wise Bauer, co-author of TWTM
SV = Steck-Vaughn - a secular curriculum publisher
TATRAS = Teach America To Read And Spell
TH = Teaching Home - home schooling magazine
TOD = Training Our Daughters to Be Keepers at Home - Christian curriculum
TOG = Tapestry of Grace
TUAC = Train Up A Child - book and listserv, not related
TWTM -- The Well Trained Mind (also WTM)
US = Unit Studies
WRTR = Writing Road to Reading
WWOL = Wisdom's Way of Learning
YRS = year-round schooling

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